Este domingo los tapatíos vivirán el regreso de RED FANG en C3 Stage, y para prepararte para el evento, platicamos con Aaron Beam, vocalista y bajista de la banda, quien nos cuenta sobre su más reciente álbum así como nos revela el setlist que estaremos escuchando este fin de semana y otras sorpresas.

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Entrevista a Aaron Beam, vocalista y bajista de Red Fang: 'Si nos volvieran  a ofrecer 5000 dólares para hacer un videoclip, ¡nos quejaríamos de que es  demasiado poco!' | Science of Noise -

  • Absurdity is often at the heart of Red Fang. Why does the odd or unlikely creative inspiration make for better songs?

I honestly don’t know how to answer that because of how I experience “songwriting.”I just learned recently that some people I know refer to the experience as “catching” a song, which takes humans away as the creative agents and reframes 

  • Humour is an element that has been present in your music videos, How does special feature of your personality translate musically or in your live experience? 

I think just the sense that we are having fun and enjoying ourselves and celebrating life and all the positives of social connections despite the content of the songs usually being pretty dark and sometimes even severe. That life is not just one note. But also we only get one chance to do it in this body and for only a very short amount of time so whenever possible remind yourself to not make it extra miserable by focusing only on the bad parts 

  • People often try to put labels on the band, like stoner rock, or doomish metal, etc. What are the elements of any genre that best describe the sound of Red Fang?

Oh geez. I think that might be easier for someone who knows a lot more about music to answer than me! I have a pretty narrow band of things that I like musically but all four of us contribute so many things from so many places that knowing where it all comes from is hard for someone like me! I mean I’d say we tend toward heavier, more evil sounds, but there’s a lot of contrast in there, too. I think. 

  • Mexico is a huge beer drinking country such as you guys. What are your top 5 cheap beers to rock out?

#1 by far – free beer

#2 Coors Banquet

#3 Modelo especial

#4 Miller Lite

#5 Guinness 

  • What kind of setlist can we expect for this tour? 

Blood Like Cream


Crows in Swine


My Disaster 



[ a new song you’ve never heard ] 

Number 13

Humans Remain Human Remains

Wings of Fang

Dirt Wizard

Prehistoric Dog

Hank is Dead

Throw Up

  • It’s been almost 20 years of the band, what have you learned and achieved during this journey or tell us your favorite memory? 

Holy shit that’s a giant question. I suppose the most important thing I learned is that I’m not that important to any of this. It’s about the community more than anything. I dunno if that makes any sense at all.

  • For you, which is the most meaningful song in ‘Arrows’?

I suppose the song Arrows, because I was bashing my head against the wall for almost 2 years before I finally caught the chorus to that one and then suddenly at 4am one morning it came and I rushed to the practice space and recorded every part pretty much as it ended up on the record. I am proud of that one because I knew I could at any point settle for what I already had but I trusted that the correct thing would come if I just stayed patient. 

  • To finish this interview, what is the most exciting thing about coming back to Guadalajara? 

Playing the show, duh! 


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